My 3D Printers – Old and New

PrintrBot Simple WoodI’ve been 3D printing for years now with the same old PrintrBot Simple 1405. I bought this little printer as a DIY kit with a 100mm x 100mm print volume and it has been my work horse.  It’s definitely had it’s issues that is for sure, but once the Auto Bed Leveling Probe (ABL) was calibrated it ran great for year with zero maintenance. I did eventually upgrade the bed’s width to over 300mm but found that printing all the way to the edges was very difficult because my heated bed was only in the middle.

CR-10 MiniMore recently the cost of 3D printers has dropped so drastically I thought it’s time for an upgrade. After weighing all my options I went with the Creality CR-10 Mini with a build volume of 300mm x 220mm x 300mm. Along with its built in heated bed this is a massive upgrade for me at an amazingly low price.

I have a laundry list of upgrade to get the most out of this not so mini CR-10 Mini. Maybe an ABL probe first? Maybe OctoPrint? Stay tuned!

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