Make an Oil Heater “Smart” With ESP8266

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Apple Home App Temperature Control Thermostat



Smart Oil HeaterIt might be hard to tell from the picture but this Oil Heater is possibly the smartest Oil Heater. By adding an ESP8266-12F to this old beast I am able to control this heater with my Apple Home app and voice control with Siri. Combined with the DIY Apple Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor you can have the heater turn on automatically when the temperature drops below a certain degree. Another great feature with the Apple Home setup is it is location aware meaning that when you leave home the heater will automatically turn off and when you are on your way home once you reach a certain distance from home it will start back up. You are expected by now to understand how to use MQTT and HAP-NodeJS to bring this to life.

ESP8266 Oil Heater Programming Access v1Smart Oil Heater ProgrammingThis might be the only way to tell that there is something different about this heater. It’s a 3D printed access port containing the heaters programming header, and button to activate programming mode. Once the cap is put back on it is next to impossible to notice. The buttons for controlling the heater are connected to the micro controller with some opto couplers or opto isolator which acts somewhat like a relay and keep the voltages between the heater’s circuitry and the micro controller that has been added separated.

ESP8266 Oil Heater ESP8266-12F Wiring Schematics


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