CR-10 Mini X-Axis Belt Centering Spacer

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CR-10 Mini Belt Centering Spacer The first mod I created for my CR-10 Mini was a X-Axis Belt Centering Spacer. While assembling my new 3D Printer I noticed that the belt that controls the x axis which moves the extruder left to right was not running down the center of the extruded aluminum chassis as intended by the manufacturer. After searching high and low for a solution the ones I found were for tensioning the belt and also center at the same time. This seemed a bit overkill to me as the belt is very easy to tension, all I needed was a spacer to offset the idler pulley. You can see the blue spacer in the picture.

To get the proper size for your spacer you will need to measure the gap between the belt and the frame inside the channel, mine was 1mm. The spacer is 2.5mm thick to allow for some squishing to get good bed adhesion for some. After the 1 minute print finishes measure the thickness of the spacer and if it is too thick. Open your slicing software and simply cut off bottom of model  as necessary.

CR-10 Mini Belt Centering Spacer - Render

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