Cheapest Oscilloscope for Beginners

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DSO138 Without CaseDSO138 with Custom 3D Printed CaseIf you are not already aware of the DSO-138 then you are in for quite a treat. Meet the cheapest oscilloscope that actually works, for the beginner. Just add a simple acrylic case which you can get either get directly from the supplier, or 3D print a model from Thingiverse like I have done on my CR-10.

You also have the option to buy a kit that requires some basic soldering, or a fully populated unit. With all these options available it makes it easier than ever for anyone to start tinkering with electronics. Perfect for anyone getting into Arduino, ESP8266, or any other prototyping.

Please note: I used extra long buttons for use with this model but, there is an updated model found here for use with the buttons that come with the unit/kit.

This link for current kit pricing.

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