Siri Controlled IR Remote Using Raspberry Pi and ESP8266

Difficulty: Star LitStar LitStar LitStar LitStar Unlit (4/5)

ESP8266 IR RemoteI’m using HAP-NodeJS which is software that runs on a Raspberry Pi that integrates with Apple Homekit, Siri, and the Home app on your iDevice. We will also require a MQTT Broker to run on the Pi to send and receive commands, I am using Mosquito a very popular Broker. All that is wrapped in a custom case modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360. It can be easily printed on any 3D printer and mounted anywhere using it’s two mounting holes, or with some double sided tape.

IR Remote Eagle BoardOn the other end we have the famous ESP8266 mounted on a custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designed in Autodesk Eagle. It is programmed to emit infrared (IR) commands that you can copy from any remote when it receives a requests from the MQTT Broker. This is very handy for controlling any and all of the, “Dumb” devices in your house that use Infrared (IR) such as TV’s, Stereos, Projectors, etc.

For example with one simple voice command, “Watch Projector” all my lights turn off, the screen comes down, projector turns on, stereo turns on, and all of this functionality for about $5.

If there is enough interested in this project I will be happy to share the .ino file used to program ESP8266 in the Arduino IDE and to etch the custom PCB on a one sided copper clad board.

If you’d like to see more please drop a comment below, email me directly using or hit me up at any of my social links with your comments and suggestions.