Quick, Easy, and Cheap 35 Volt 5 Amp Power Supply

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Cheap and Easy Voltage Regulator - FrontThis is a quick and easy build that almost anyone should find  very satisfying with a budget of less than $10. It uses a 35 Volt 5 Amp DC - DC Boost Converter that takes in anywhere  between 4.5V – 30V and boosts it to almost 36 volts. Combined that with the inexpensive and popular 100V 10A Voltmeter / Ammeter. Connect everything together with some proper gauge wires connected to a couple pairs of male and female banana plugs for easy connecting and disconnecting of various devices, wires, and clips.

Quick, Easy, and Cheap 36 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply - RenderI took all of those parts and modeled each of their dimensions separately in Autodesk Fusion 360. Once all the different components were modeled I spaced everything out in the best possible orientation I could find, while making the most compact design.  After making sure that there were small channels in the model to account for the wiring I made a case around all of it. If you are interested in printing this case yourself I have uploaded the complete model on Thingiverse.

Parts List

Photo of the wiring underneath with easy access:
Quick, Easy, and Cheap 36 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply - Bottom


Cheapest Digital Constant Current PSU 50V 5AMaybe your interested in something a bit beefier with a bit more control or if you would like to see more please drop a comment below, email me directly using admin@triplemike.com or hit me up at any of my social links with your comments and suggestions.