DIY Apple Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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DIY Apple Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor Cover OnMeet the DIY Apple Smart Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor. You would be amazed at how little it costs to have near real time temperature readings in any room that has a WiFi connection. It utilizes the ESP8266-12F with a DHT22 temperature sensor. With this sensor data your smart home can make decisions to control control other devices based on it. For example in my house this little sensor is used to trigger a heater in the basement if the temperature were to drop too low.

Apple Home App Temperature Control Thermostat

You can also pair this with the HC SR505 PIR Motion Sensor so it only turns the heat on if there is anyone in the room. Which I am planning to make in the near future but works fine without for now. Admittedly getting the software called HAP-NodeJS setup was the most difficult part of the process and that’s just because there are so many options available to install it on. You can put on one of the many versions of Raspberry Pi available these days, directly on a PC, pretty much anywhere you can run Linux.

DIY Apple Home Temperature and Humidity SensorDIY Apple Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor

If anyone is interested in the schematics, or Arduino sketch files please drop a comment below, email me directly using or hit me up at any of my social links with your comments and suggestions.