AlexMos 3-Axis Gimbal Video Stabilizer

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If you are interested in making fully stabilized video with your GoPro or other sports cam here is two videos showing the assembly of an AlexMos 3-Axis Gimbal Video Stabilizer. This is by far the cheapest way to take fully stabilized video.

This BGC (Brushless Gimbal Controller) is normally installed under a drone or quad copter but I have constructed a handheld gimbal to take fully stable video anywhere. The steel frame has mounting rings and base for a 3S LiPo battery giving you an extended battery life for those extra long recording sessions. At the end of the hand grips there are a pair of analog joysticks to control the pitch and yaw of the brushless motors giving you full control of your shot. There is a handle along the top to help with those low angle shots. AlexMos 3-Axis Gimbal Video Stabilzer

AlexMos 3-Axis Gimbal Video Stabilze1

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3D Print GLOWING ColorFabb XT PLA Filament on PrintrBot

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Glow in The Dark Peace and Love Heart

It is a mesmerizing video to watch… I use the PrintrBot Simple to 3D print glow in the dark ColorFabb XT PLA Filament. Excuse the quality as this video was shot in complete darkness, and brightened up in post processing.

We used the silicone heated bed set to 65°C and an Extra Wide Roll of Blue Painters Tape for good bed adhesion. My hot end is heated pretty high for PLA, all the way up to 235°C. You might have luck with a little lower temperature but higher definitely will require more heat than normal for PLA.

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