Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi Zero W – Octopi

Raspberry Pi Zero WLook what I literally just got my hands on. Stay tuned for when I turn this into a print server for my new CR-10 Mini. This is the newest version of the Raspberry Pi Zero called the W for wireless meaning it now has built in WiFi. No more USB WiFi dongles which would take up the only available USB port on the Pi. Never have to use an SD card to print ever again. I have had OctoPrint running on my PrintrBot for years without a single problem and look forward to putting this tiny computer to work.

Pictured below is it wrapped in a case that was printed off of Thingiverse.

Raspberry Pi Zero W - Case

Parts List

Screenshot of OctoPrint up and running at octopi-cr10.local.
Octo Print CR-10 Screen Shot

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